Sundance Dispatch: When You’re Not a “Priority Celeb”


From FBLA contributor Andrea Wachner on assignment at Sundance.

Los Angeles has up and moved to Park City, Utah! First impression is that I boarded a JetBlue flight that was re-routed to Universal Studios’ Frontier Land set where Ben Silverman‘s nerd prom is actually taking place. There’s still an abundance of Ugg boots, I’m still not a “priority celeb,” and public transportation is still akin to riding a short bus.

The differences? There are parts of my body I had grown rather fond of that I can no longer feel, people will actually talk to me even though I’m not a “priority celeb,” and I now officially have one degree of separation from my 9,000 point star crush on Martin Starr. I am currently missing a screening of Starr’s new film “Good Dick” but I hope to sneak in before I go back to LA Tuesday night.

I haven’t seen Robert Redford yet, but I had a dream last night that we were in line together at a make believe coffee cart a la Gilmore Girls and shared some special moments. More TK!