Sun Chips Compostable Bag Gets Trashed

A PDF on the Sun Chips website says: “We dream of a world with less waste. That’s why we’re using fully compostable packaging on specially-marked bags of Original flavor SunChips® snacks.” Another dream bites the dust.

After consumers posted complaints across social networks about the compostable bags being too loud, Frito-Lay has announced that it will pull most of the bags from store shelves.

Five of the six Sun Chips flavors will go back to eco-unfriendly packaging. For those who care more about the Earth than their hearing, they can still buy compostable bags of the original flavor Sun Chips snacks. In the meantime, the company is still searching for a quieter solution.

“We chose to respond to the consumer feedback but still want to show that we are committed,” Chris Kuechenmeister, a spokesman for Frito-Lay, tells the Journal.

Frito-Lay has abandoned its packaging in the wake of consumer complaint in the past. The company also responded to public outcry about the changes to the Tropicana packaging last year.