Submit Your Nominees for Our ’30 Under 30′ PR Professionals List

Email us and tell us why your nominee is the best.

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SEO-friendly listicles: everyone publishes them…and we can do it too!

Ask yourself: are you a US-based PR professional? Are you so good at your job that your media contacts invite you out for drinks? Can you do damage control like a presidential campaign manager? Do you score placements more often than Hillary Clinton inspires overwrought think-pieces?

We want to hear about it. Email us (prnewser [at] adweek [dot ] com) the name and position of your favorite PR professional — even if it happens to be yourself — and tell us, in as few words as possible, why we should include this upstanding individual on our list.

We’re not particular to any industry, firm, or discipline. We simply want to know who YOU, the reader, thinks is doing the best work in the field at the moment and happens to be under the age of 30.

The key difference between our listicle search and those offered by other publications: this one is free. Yes, that means free publicity.

We know some of you are press-shy; it comes with the territory. Still, if you want a little recognition, share our email with your colleagues, mentors, and favorite journalists: again, it’s prnewser [at] adweek [dot] com.

We’re leaving the nominations open for the rest of the week, but all PR pros know that speed is a virtue…

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