Style Turns 40

Some people love the Washington Post’s Style section. Others (perhaps even Ben Bradlee) don’t. We love stuff like this (which you see less and less of nowadays) but then scratch our heads when they put some written-because-I-love-the-sound-of-my-own-voice creative writing, iambic pentameter ode to the city’s first snow on the section’s front page.

Anyway, the section turns 40 today and, naturally, they’ve written about just that.

Which means that if you love Style, you’ll love this piece.

And if you don’t, the fact that they spent 1,202 words toasting their 40th anniversary might just be the perfect explanation for why you don’t.

UPDATE: One anonymous tipster, who says s/he is a Washington Post writer, tells us:

    There is some embarrassment this morning among editors and some reporters over this Style story — only confirming that section’s cringe-inducing lack of self-awareness. The story also seems to prop up a glorified image of the section, frequently derided by most in the newsroom. Just felt sorry for the writer, who’s one of the only good ones there, that he went out on a limb like that.