Study Shows Internal Candidates Perform Better Than External Ones

A study published in the Administrative Science Quarterly revealed jobs filled by internal and external applicants. Although it’s from an HR perspective, it essentially showcases statistical benefits for recruiters to hire internal candidates over external ones.

So, far as we’re concerned if you’re in a rut and just want out (as in the exit door to another employer), job seekers may want to hang in there and pursue internal opportunities.

As explained in a post on ERE, the study concluded that internal candidates performed better than people who were hired from the outside. Technically, internal candidates are more valuable than external ones. Not only that, newbies took about three years to achieve the performance levels similar to their colleagues who were promoted internally!

As HR execs and recruiters rely on this data, they may weigh internal candidates more heavily than external ones. And why shouldn’t they? Internal candidates already know the company’s culture and protocol.

Although the study revealed results based on financial services institutions and not media companies, the methodology and results spread the word about the importance of internal candidates and bench strength.