STUDY: Recruiters Stalk You On Facebook

Facebook is part of recruitment at three out of every four companies surveyed by Valut.

Facebook is part of recruiting at three out of every four companies that participated in a recent survey by Vault.

There is a reason why Facebook is called the social network and not…. LinkedIn. Users seem to get it and, for the vast majority, Facebook remains a place to stay in touch with friends and family, make new acquaintances, and share news and quirky links with others.

We’ve all heard about recruiters looking up candidates on Facebook, but not enough of us protect ourselves from that actually happening when we’re looking for jobs. Yet numbers can serve as a stronger wakeup call: according to an article on the blog WebRank citing Vault statistics, 45 percent of companies use Facebook to comunicate with candidates.

Among companies that incorporate Facebook in recruitment, the most common use, cited by 69 percent in the Vault survey, for promoting an employer as being a great place to work in addition to having a strong brand.

Employees, on the other hand, expressed their discomfort at having current and potential employers screen based on a non-PC comment you might have made on a friend’s status update. Over 40 percent of respondents did not endorse the practice, and only 12 percent of all job hunters using Facebook to find information about a company.

Job seekers simply don’t think about work when they are on Facebook. Less than 10 percent of people used it to find specific job opportunities. Everyone was much more comfortable sharing their LinkedIn profile, and using that service for career opportunities.

It’s all about the platform, and our expectations when using said platform. Like an interviewee told Webrank, “An email from an employer would scare me if it came on Facebook, because it means they might have seen something I didn’t intend for them to see.”

From a hiring perspective, does it make sense to you to screen a potential candidate by what they share leisurely? As an employee, how well do you think you’d fare if your current or potential supervisor or employee were to check your Facebook profile right now?