Study: Google Ads More Effective Than Facebook | Social Media-Sex Connection? | Flickr Rolls Out New Photo Layout

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Study: Google Ads Work Better Than Facebook’s (Boston Herald)
Facebook may be this week’s stock market darling, but when it comes to online display advertising, search engine Google provides advertisers with “significantly more value” than the social media giant in terms of growth rates, performance, targeting options and formats, according to a study released Tuesday. The study compares the value of Facebook advertising to Google’s Display Network. PC Magazine Facebook moved quickly — again — to address concerns that it wasn’t doing enough to satisfy mobile users, buying the developers of the Lightbox Android photo app. However, the company also made it clear that Facebook was not acquiring the company or the photos that users had stored on the Lightbox website, just the developer team. AdAge General Motors said Tuesday that it is “reassessing” its spending on Facebook advertising — about $10 million — but “remains committed” to the social network as part of “an aggressive content strategy with all our products and brands.” Meanwhile, Scott Monty, Ford’s head of social media, said that the automaker is bullish about Facebook ads — particularly “sponsored stories” that contain a social layer — and intends to “accelerate” spending on them. AllFacebook Facebook followed up last week’s introduction of its app center with two new metrics to its insights for applications: app ratings and negative feedback. The new app ratings dashboard will bring developers information on how users rated their apps with the five-star ratings system Facebook recently implemented. The negative feedback feature shows developers how many times stories from their apps have been hidden or reported as spam, as well as how many times the app itself has been blocked. Mashable Two Colombian criminals almost got away with robbing an Internet cafe, but one of them checked Facebook first — and ended up being identified and arrested because he forgot to log out. The two men whipped out guns at the cash register to demand money and made a clean getaway on a motorcycle. After the men escaped, an employee at the cafe called the police turning in information from the Facebook page that led to his arrest.

Social Media Offers Sex-Like Brain Reward, Says Study (GlobalPost)
“Self disclosure” through mediums like social media offers a sex-like brain reward, says a new study. New research from Harvard University says that talking about oneself produces a brain response similar to the release of dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure.

Flickr Releases New Layout Featuring Hi-Res Images (VentureBeat)
Tuesday, Flickr released a reworked photo page layout with a new look that’s nearly impossible to miss — especially on large displays. Flickr’s “liquid” layout, as it’s called, is a dynamic format for each photo page that now features newly supported hi-res images on the main photo page.

Social-Media Ad Spending to Jump to $9.8 Billion in 2016 (Bloomberg)
U.S. social media advertising spending may rise to $9.8 billion in 2016 from $3.8 billion last year, as companies seek to harness new tools that help reach people who interact online, researcher BIA/Kelsey said. Higher ad spending at Google’s YouTube and LinkedIn boosted BIA/Kelsey’s forecast from six months ago.

Google Docs Research Sidebar Looks Up Terms and Adds Images, Quotes and Citations (The Verge)
Google Docs has a lot going for it as an office or writing tool, and we imagine the Research sidebar, which appears to have recently launched on the suite, will help bolster its popularity. After selecting Tools > Research or using a shortcut, Docs will bring up a sidebar, letting you either type in a term or right-click one in the document to research it.

Shut Down Your Abandoned Myspace Account Using This Humiliating Trick (Gawker)
You may actually be able to delete your old embarrassing Myspace profile even if you’re completely locked out of the account. But you must pose for a picture with your Myspace URL like it’s 2003 and you’re trying to prove to your webcam girlfriend that you’re not a total scammer.

Everyone’s Favorite Anchorman, Ron Burgundy, Starts Tweeting (AllTwitter)
There are lots of parody and humor accounts on Twitter, but this one should appeal to fans of ’70-style shag carpets and whiskey sours: Anchorman Ron Burgundy has signed up for Twitter. With Anchorman 2 set to be released sometime in 2014, fans have been clamoring for details about the sequel to this cult favorite. And Twitter has provided.

When Instagram Becomes Art: A Look at the W Hotel’s Photography Exhibit in New York (Social Times)
With Internet Week New York in full swing, I stopped by the W hotel in Times Square to get a look at the Instagram photography exhibit, a collaboration between the hotel and a photography community called Instagram NYC. I took an elevator to the lobby, where on display were the works of six artists who had been invited to photograph architecture, street art and other city scenes using their smartphones and mobile photo-sharing app Instagram.

Socialcam Responds to Questionable Tactics by Making YouTube Videos More Obvious (The Next Web)
In response to our piece about questionable viral tactics, video sharing app Socialcam has made some changes to the way it displays YouTube videos on its website, as well as within Facebook Newsfeed and Timeline. I spoke to Socialcam CEO Michael Seibel, and he walked me through these changes, saying the company has “gone out of its way to make it clear that what content comes from YouTube.”