Study: Consumers Prefer Incentives When Responding to Ads

image_coupon 717.JPGMobile ads are likely to get better response rates if they include an incentive for the consumer, FierceMobileContent reports. In an ABI Research study conducted with consumers who have received text message-based advertising, “37 percent said they are more likely to respond to advertising if they are offered an incentive such as a retail coupon or a free song or ringtone. This compares with 11 percent who said that such incentives would have no impact.”

The report said that incentives that received the most positive response, according to ABI, were discounts and coupons for retail storefronts: 60 percent of those who were either neutral or open to potential SMS marketing said that a discount coupon from a local retailer was the incentive they’d prefer to respond to. That local thing is key, as more phones come with built-in GPS chipsets, triangulation software, or at least an easy way to key in your current zip code.