StudiVZ Investor Backs Facebook App Team

Wooga LogoLast month I wrote about the fast growing Brain Buddies game which was a remix of “Who Has the Biggest Brain?”, one of Playfish’s top games. Today the developer behind Brain Buddies, wooga, announced that they received funding from none other than Holtzbrinck Ventures, one of the primary investors in StudiVZ, a German Facebook copycat (which was previously sued by Facebook).

I’ve been trying to get information about the size of the investment but the companies are releasing any information. My guess is this is between $500k and the low seven figures given the quality of the company’s first game. Social games happen to be the most popular applications on social platforms to date and they are also generating the most revenue.

While wooga doesn’t have any other games currently, there’s no doubt they’ll be releasing more in the coming months. The only question now is whether they’ll be developing original games or copying other successful applications. Companies like Zynga and others have built large user bases by duplicating the apps of other successful social gaming companies.

There are now numerous companies building mobster games for instance both on social platforms and on mobile platforms like the iPhone. With so many companies is the social gaming space one has to wonder who will be the big winners. Right now Zynga appears to be leading the space along with Playfish, Playdom, and a number of others. Social Gaming Network who was previously focused on social platforms is finding a lot of success on the iPhone.

Wooga is a new entrant to the space but if their other games are as successful as their first one, there’s a good chance the company could become a solid competitor.