Student Journalists Kept Vargas’ Secret for Over a Month

Yet another interesting aspect of the Jose Antonio Vargas story emerged today. According to a Patch in Mountain View, California, Vargas confessed his secret about six weeks ago to a room full of student journalists for the Mountain View High School paper The Oracle.

Vargas aparently asked them to keep it a secret, which they gladly did:

Behind the closed-door of room 415, the fluorescent white lights and a complete hush filled the room. The unexpected disclosure of the information, [Kenneth] Troxell [Assistant Editor at The Oracle] acknowledged, instantly bonded them with Vargas.

‘I think that especially because he was an Oracle and he went to MVHS, we felt camaraderie for him,’ Troxell said, who met Vargas for the first time that day. ‘Oracle is a tight knit group and we are all friends. He’s a friend and an Oracle, and that was the reason we wanted to keep his secret.’

It’s a touching story. These kids, who might have had the scoop of their early careers on their hands, decided to wait out of respect for the person involved. Makes you wonder how many adult journalists would do the same thing.