Strike Watch: WGA Nixes Anti-CBS Event


Variety is taking the WGA’s abrupt decision to cancel a media event that would have embarrassed CBS and Leslie Moonves as a sign that a resolution to he strike, presently in informal talks with the studios, ”may be gaining momentum.” From Variety:

”Next Tuesday’s event at the Cornell Club in Gotham would have also been designed to persuade research analysts to lower their investment ratings on CBS stock. The get-together was billed as an hour-long event to present the WGA’s analysis of the strike’s impact on the congloms generally and CBS specifically, featuring speeches by WGA West president Patric Verrone, WGA East prexy Michael Winship, SAG president Alan Rosenberg and writers and actors from CBS programs.”

Pressure to resolve the strike before the Oscar broadcast — generally the second most-watched television program of the year — is mounting. The show’s host, Jon Stewart, is privately telling friends that he will not cross a WGA strike picket.

(image via victoria will/nypost)