Strike Watch: Pencils And Pickets


Over 250 WGA picketers showed up to yesterday’s rally outside the One Life To Live Studios off of Central Park West. Among the boldfacers attending the rally: John Leguizamo, Vincent D’Onofrio, as well as actors from One Life To Live and staffers from SNL, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and The Colbert Report. From WGA East spokesperson Sherry Goldman’s strike recap email:

”In a show of great continued solidarity with the writers still on strike, the writers of The Late Show With David Letterman still took part in the picket, represented on the picket line today by strike captain Bill Scheft who spent the entire day picketing with fellow WGAE writers. The Late Show With David Letterman writers also provided lunch to the picketers.”

After the picket WGAE President Michael Winship officially delivered 200,000 pencils — symbols of the strike — to the United Federation of Teachers for use by New York City students.

(image via clipart)