Strike Watch: Best Of The Blogs


–According to Josef Adalian of Variety, producers for late night talk shows — including NYC’s Late Show with David Letterman — are holding backchannel negotiations as to when would be the right time to return to the air. From Variety:

”… According to several network execs with knowledge of the situation, there’s been talk of resuming production on some shows as early as next month, with Dec. 3 and Dec. 10 mentioned as possible return dates.

”The problem with locking in a date: ‘Nobody wants to be the first to go back,’ says one wag.”

–Presidential candidate and former Senator John Edwards will join striking writers today at 2 p.m. at NBC studios in Burbank. From Nikki Finke: ”This absolutely one-ups all previous political activity on the line where Barack Obama’s LA staff and volunteers joined the strikers. All three Democratic frontrunners have expressed support for the striking writers, but Edwards has had the least amount of Hollywood support financially or celebrity/mogul-wise.”

–From United Hollywood: ”Notwithstanding the AMPTP’s full page ads, they’d rather spend their energy and money on avoiding talking to the writers and negotiating a fair deal. And why?

”Simple. They don’t want to give up revenue. Since they’ve been using writers’ work on the internet at a devalued rate or, even better, at no cost, they have ZERO interest in giving away any portion of that money.

”That’s understandable. If someone is used to getting something for free, they’ll fight like a mad dog when they’re told that they need to pay up.”

(Director Ron Howard pickets the Viacom building in NYC via wgaeast)