Strike three, yer outta there: The other cleat drops at ESPN

34652776_c76a7221c4_m.jpgApparently, jocks and botox don’t mix quite as well as ESPN had hoped for: ESPN Hollywood is toast, Reuters reports.

Also cut from varsity TV team: “That 70s Show,” “Malcolm in the Middle, and likely, “Arrested Development, too.” busterbluth-head.jpg

As USA TODAY makes mention,

“‘Arrested’ fans, however, have a glimmer of hope in Showtime, which is negotiating with producer 20th Century Fox. The series will end its shortened third season with four back-to-back episodes Feb. 10. According to 20th Century Fox, Showtime has made a viable offer for the show, whose 4 million viewers – paltry by network standards – would constitute a major hit for the pay-cable channel. (ABC also has made an offer.) Actors would remain under contract. But Fox TV has not yet canceled the series.”

I can’t speak for you, but my real fear is that Showtime can’t or won’t make a deal for “Arrested Development.”
Then I’d have to go back to actually reading books again – and in the 21st century, who wants to do that? So if you haven’t paid a visit to Save Our Bluths, it’s time, Buster.

No; not you, Buster.