Storywheel is a Mashup of SoundCloud and Instagram — The Coolest Slideshow Around?

We’ve covered Instagram plenty of times as the service has improved and won awards over the last few months — its quality filters combined with dead simple interfaces make it one of the best photo apps around.  Well, at the 2011 Music Hack Day Boston conference, Johannes Wagener and Katharina Birkenbach combined it with SoundCloud to create StoryWheel, and it’s pretty cool. was formally launched by SoundCloud themselves as they celebrate 10 million user mark.  They recorded the entire show as a StoryWheel itself at the site, and you can see the story here.  The service kind goes for the old projector slides feel, where you would line up all your photos into slides and then project them on the wall, and it even plays the ‘slide change’ sound as each photo changes.

If you have an Instagram account, you should definitely check out the service and let us know what you think!