Storify Launches New ‘Front Page’ To Help Users Discover Content

Storify has always been a great tool for publishers or bloggers who want to curate content, but it hasn’t been much of a destination site for consumers to find content. Now, with their new “front page” design, content discovery just got a lot easier.

In the video below, co-founders talk about the new features:

“We have all these amazing stories on Storify and people have been able to embed them on their sites all across the web on many major websites, but we really wanted to highlight the work of people who might not have an audience, and help them get the attention that they deserve,” co-founder Burt Herman said in the video announcement.

From their recent email newsletter, the new Storify front page includes:

  • Four featured Storify stories
  • “Featured topics” that link to more stories
  • Top Storify stories
  • Top stories from Storify users you subscribe to
  • Featured users

At the story-page level, content discovery opportunities have also been heightened by the addition of “related stories” from the same user. Although news organizations like The New York Times and The Washington Post won’t need help getting their content out there, this new front page could be very interesting for the every day person — say an individual or blogger — to get attention for an exemplary piece of curation.