Stop Working: Layer Tennis Returns to Friday Afternoons


In case you missed it, last Friday marked the return of Layer Tennis, the live online tournament pitting two designers against one another by giving them ten rounds, at frantic fifteen minutes per “volley”, to battle it out (full disclosure: this writer works for the company behind Layer Tennis). The start of the third season kicked off with two matches: Under Consideration and Brand New’s Armin Vit duking it out with brand designer and creative director Matt Stevens (most “internet-known” for those reinterpretations of the Nike Air Max), and the other saw a battle between motiongrapher/photographer/tutorial maker Nick Campbell vs designer Aaron Scamihorn. Go back and catch up on those matches until 1pm Central when today’s match starts up between two titans of interactive design: Brendan Dawes vs Joshua Davis. If you’re part of that specific design field who would know those names immediately, you’ll recognize how big a deal this is. If not, it’s sure to be well worth your time tuning in regardless. Should be a great match.