Stone Blade Entertainment launches card battle game SolForge on iOS, PC

solforge-650Image via Stone Blade Entertainment

Stone Blade Entertainment has announced the open beta release of SolForge, its cross-platform free-to-play collectible card game that’s now available on iPad and PC via Steam. The game comes from the company behind popular board game and iOS app Ascension, and challenges players to build a customizable deck, and then use that deck’s creatures and powers to defeat a variety of enemies.

The open beta of SolForge is free to play, and gives users over 180 cards in the initial release. The game was initially funded via a Kickstarter campaign last year, resulting in almost 7,000 backers and over $429,000 in funding. The game was previously released as a limited demo and closed beta on iPad and PC.

We had a chance to go hands-on with the game at the Gen Con game convention in Indianapolis. There, a company representative told Inside Mobile Apps that the game has been specifically designed for both advanced and casual card game players. While users can compete with other real-world players, they can also train against computer opponents until they earn better cards to make a stronger deck.

Cards are placed on the battlefield, and via simple stat comparisons, victors and losers are found in each battle, with points being taken away from each player’s overall hit point bar during each turn. Cards may come with additional powers, instantly turning the tide of battle, and players are rewarded with free prizes as they continue to play the game.

During our Gen Con demo, we were told that players receive bonuses simply for logging in each day, for defeating large numbers of real-world players, and for defeating computer controlled opponents. These prizes, in theory, will help Stone Blade keep its users engaged over the long term.

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to bring SolForge to a wider audience,” said Justin Gary, founder and CEO of Stone Blade Entertainment, via a company release. “Our entire team is made up of lifelong gamers, and with SolForge we were able to create the kind of game that we’ve always wanted to play.”

Stone Blade has also confirmed plans to add a single-player campaign mode, tournaments, drafting and card trading abilities to SolForge in the future. iPhone and Android versions of SolForge are in the works as well.

SolForge is now available to download for free on iPad and on PC via Steam. You can track the mobile game’s progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.