StockTwits To Companies: It’s Time To Start Tweeting Your Financial News

StockTwits – the company that has built a financial and investment community on top of Twitter – is launching StockTwits IR Suite for investors to leverage the viral atmosphere of social media.

StockTwits IR Suite is a suite of services created for investor relations professionals and public corporations to monitor, disseminate and measures financial news and messages via social media.

Specifically, the Suite is designed to enable companies to take control of their ticker page and manage their own social media presence on the network, engaging with other companies and a social audience.

Companies will be able to broadcast their financial news, and measure how this news is shared around the web. Most of the functionality – the disseminating and monitoring of financial news – will be done via Twitter.

Within the Suite, members have access to their verified ticker page, which includes a customizable information panel that includes links to their blogs, Youtube channels and more. It also allows companies to distribute messages to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and leverages StockTwits’ relationship with financial publications like CNNMoney and And finally, the Suite includes a social dashboard from which investors relations professionals can manage and monitor their social presence.

This is a unique offering that stresses the importance of the financial and investment sectors jumping on Twitter to share and monitor news, encouraging them to keep up with the social web rather than being left behind.