Stocard Rewards Card Storage App Launches in the US

stocard 650Reward card storage app Stocard has officially launched on iOS and Android devices in the US, giving shoppers a new outlet for storing their store-specific loyalty and rewards cards on their smartphones, thereby eliminating the need to carry all of their physical cards in their wallet or purse. The app has previously found success throughout Europe, with over 2.5 million users in 16 countries.

With Stocard, users can manually search or browse through alphabetical listings to find their store within the app’s database of retailers. From there, they tap on the store and can scan their card’s barcode using the app’s camera to automatically add their loyalty information to the app. If a card doesn’t contain a barcode, users can enter their card’s ID number to have the app generate a barcode automatically.


While the app contains a hefty database of retailers, there may be cases when users own a card that isn’t found in the system. Users can still store these cards, but must create the entry manually. This includes naming the card, and uploading a picture of the card (or the store’s logo) for reference.

Once saved, each entry contains a scannable barcode, which can be used by a real-world business, eliminating the need to carry around the original card. The app automatically brightens the device’s screen for the best scanning experience in the store.

Some businesses may still use older scanning technology, that doesn’t recognize the codes on a smartphone. In these cases, the app provides the user’s loyalty number for manual entry.

While Stocard isn’t the only loyalty card storage app, it claims to be the fastest, allowing users to add their cards to the system in a matter of seconds (when scanning barcodes). The app doesn’t require user sign-ups, and supports multiple kinds of barcodes, including QR codes. Users can also scan barcodes on their “keyring” cards, rather than the full-sized cards they may own. If a card has a QR code, it can be added to Passbook on iOS as well.

Finally, the app provides users with “exclusive discounts” from retailers matching the stores on their profile. This may also include a look at an outlet’s current printed ad. Users can choose to activate these notifications, or leave them off.

During a beta test in the US, Stocard worked to optimize the app to perform with any card a user may own, in the hopes of ensuring each entry displays and performs correctly out in the real world.

Stocard is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.