Stimulus Tracker|Post Lays Off Black Reporter|Hearst Stockpiles $1B|Supreme Court Justice Censors High School Paper|Shafer Calls Murdoch’s Bluff

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WebNewser: and Onvia have teamed up to launch The Stimulus Tracker, which monitors Stimulus-funded projects across the country.

Huffington Post: One day before fired New York Post editor Sandra Guzman filed a suit against the paper, the Post let another minority staffer go, black reporter Austin Fenner.

New York Post: Hearst Corp. may have $1 billion war chest.

New York Times: After speaking at New York City private school Dalton, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, “widely regarded as one of the court’s most vigilant defenders of First Amendment values,” insisted on reviewing a copy of any story written by the school paper before it ran.

Slate: Jack Shafer takes down Rupert Murdoch. “Murdoch is simply jawboning. Three months ago he promised that News Corp. would start charging for its newspapers by June 2010. Now he doubts that the company will hit that mark. In typical Murdochian fashion, he’s sowing confusion and harvesting bewilderment.”