Still Sunny Even Though Autumn Starts Today? Check out the Free Digital Sunscreen App for the iPhone

Screenshot courtesy of W & R Partners

Well, today (Sept. 22) is officially the last day of Summer in the northern hemisphere. But, if you live in a perpetually sunny place like I do, you might have a use for this free iPhone app year-round…

W&R Partners Digital Sunscreen 1.0 (iTunes App Store)

Digital Sunscreen finds the UV (ultraviolet) Index for your location. If you provide it information about your skin type, sunscreen SPF level, and weather condition, it gives you an approximate time you can stay in the sun until a sunburn occurs. It can also sound an alarm when the estimated sunburn countdown hits zero.

Having seen way too many lobster red tourists who apparently did not apply sufficient (or any) sunscreen, this seems like a valuable tool for anyone living in or visiting a sunny location.