Still Crazy After All These Financial Stumbles: Dubai Architect Wants to Open Herbie Theme Park

We miss those halcyon days before the end of 2008 and the total financial collapse, back when every day you could find a story about some type of crazy architecture or museum project going up in Dubai. Remember the suspicious architect behind the Dynamic Tower? Or the plans for the iPad, the building that pre-dated Apple‘s table device by several years, and was instead a skyscraper that looked like an iPod? It was a fun time to watch the endless, silly spending. Of course, all that wild speculation ended exactly how it usually does, with a total implosion. So it’s nice, now nearly three years after that all ended, to catch a brief glimpse of those ridiculous glory days. Arabian Business reports that a Dubai architect is on the hunt for investors to help him build a Herbie theme park. After reportedly trying to get it launched Abu Dhabi and not having much luck, the architect is now trying elsewhere, hoping that he’ll find enough money to construct a multi-million dollar homage to the VW Bug star of several Disney films. Already they have a leg up on the project, having secured a number of the original cars used in the films, including the last incarnation, used in the 2005 film Herbie: Fully Loaded. The news outlet reports that “Initial designs for ‘Herbieland’ include a central building in the shape of a giant baseball, which would house a museum, workshop and cafe.” Good ol’ Dubai.