ESPN Radio Host Heartened by Reaction to His Coming Out

Just one negative tweet.

At the recent NFL Combine, a member of the Atlanta Falcons asked Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple if he liked men. During a recent edition of “Mason & Ireland,” the popular weekday program on 710 ESPN Radio Los Angeles, Steve Mason instructed John Ireland to bring up that same question.

Mason has since done several interviews about his decision to come out publicly, including a May 27 conversation with KCRW news producer Darrell Satzman:

“In taking this [Apple] story, I asked John to ask me the same question… And of course I said, ‘Yes, I do like men.’ And I told him to ask me again, and I again answered the question. And I think I did it five times, just to make the point. And then we moved on.”

“That was the opportunity to organically sort of get it out there. And I was really happy that we did it that way.”

Mason says he had been thinking about coming out for several months and that after he did on air, he received just one negative tweet. The Toledo, Ohio native also told Satzman that this aspect of his personal life had been known for some time among his immediate ESPN co-workers.

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