Steve Heller: ‘A Lightning Rod for Intelligent Discussion’


If you’re still on a high from our Heller Week last fall, then here’s our attempt to keep you flying as we just heard from our friends over at Be A Design Group who, for celebration of their fiftieth episode of their popular Be A Design Cast, invited Steven Heller onto the show. We haven’t gotten a chance to listen quite yet because this has been one hellish week of busy, but judging from how Nate Voss sells the show in his introduction, it’s sure to be a good time:

I won’t spend time here telling you why you should listen to this show, because it’s Steven Heller, for crying out loud. I can tell you this: Steven Heller requires no editing. Even our most savvy and intelligent guests up to this point have occasionally been stumped by our ridiculous lines of questioning, or the impossible Reflex Blue Round trivia, but not Steven. Not a moment’s hesitation, not a breath between thoughts. The man is like a lightning rod for intelligent discussion, and he delivered was is surely our finest show to date. Hats off.