Steve Glenn’s LivingHomes Prototype LEED Platinum Certified…And the Ultimate Bachelor Pad


We considered ourselves horribly lucky to be invited to the grand opening of the Ray Kappe-designed LivingHomes demo tonight, the Santa Monica prefab that’s the very first residence to receive LEED Platinum certification. But perhaps more lucky were the legions of single women tossing back tofu spring rolls and organic white wine while eyeing Steve Glenn‘s sleek blond cabinetry, tapping the tile in the shower, running their fingers through the white sand of the rooftop garden, thinking…”I could see myself here.”

See, LivingHomes CEO Glenn actually lives in the LivingHomes protoype, making him the #1 most sought-after bachelor in both the architecture and sustainability genres. The sad thing is, the place is just begging for a woman’s touch, with a coffee table piled full of Legos (might be a fetish, actually) and at least eight miniature Star Wars models (our favorites were the Emperor’s throne, Dagobah and the tie-fighter). But it’s not hopeless; it’s not overly-huge, opulent or cold, ladies. And there’s plenty of closet space.

Another highlight during the dreadfully long congratulatory speech session (except for an adorable Eric Garcetti–sorry, he’s taken) was the fact that they actually owned up to the fact that it’s not supposed to be affordable–yet. This was something an article in the LA Times sought to prove in a pseudo-expose. Sigh. Why do all the controversial stories in the LA Times get taken down? Anyway, read Glenn’s articulate response here.