Steve Glenn’s LivingHomes Gets WIRED


When LivingHomes CEO Steve Glenn needs more room to store his collection of Legos and Star Wars toys, he simply builds another LEED-certified house. The green entrepreneur is breaking ground with WIRED to create the WIRED LivingHome in the posh LA hood of Crestwood Hills.

The house, which will aim for at least a Gold rating, is actually a teardown job, with 75% of the existing structure being reused or repurposed. All sorts of VIP sponsors have climbed on board, including BMW Clean Energy, Bosch, HP and Valcucine, but Glenn himself doesn’t come with this one: The 4,057 square foot house will be put on the market this fall. Just like the original LivingHome, living legend Ray Kappe is the architect of record, but no word yet on the inclusion of a powder room rock garden.