Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Finally Set for Movie Treatment

The most awesome book we read in seventh grade is finally going to get some cinematic justice. Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic vision “The Stand” is being adapted by Warner Bros. and CBS Films for big screen treatment.

Heat Vision has the story:

The companies will co-develop and co-produce the feature film, with CBS having the option to participate in co-financing. Warners will handle worldwide marketing and distribution.

The studios and producers will sit down with writers and directors in the coming weeks in an attempt to find the right take on the material. One thing to be determined is whether to attempt the adaptation in one or multiple movies. King will be involved in some capacity.

CBS has held the rights for many years but recently realized the best way to undertake the project was with a partner. Warners beat out Fox and Sony in a tight bidding war for the gig, getting its hands on one of the biggest-selling books of all time.

“The Stand” was previously made into horribly beige 6-hour miniseries by ABC back in 1994. If you didn’t happen to catch it, imagine how network television handles a plot line where a women in a post-apocalyptic world preserves her virginity for the devil by having anal sex with a fat, hateful, computer geek, who serves as her bodyguard. Said geek eventually delivers the woman safely to the aforementioned devil incarnate, where she is made to bear his demon seed after being “penetrated to the womb” by his massive satanic member.

Yeah. Not exactly network miniseries fodder.

For seventh graders everywhere, in mind and body, here’s hoping the filmmakers keep the new version a little closer to the source material.