Stephanopoulos Reads Blogs!

stephanopoulos.jpg After reporting that so many important people don’t read “blogs” on the “InterWeb,” it’s nice to know that all of us crazy pants-less bloggers aren’t screaming into the wing. In that vein, there was an interesting little exchange on the “Sunday Morning Talk” blog last evening about George Stephanopoulos and sourcing.

Evidently ABC’s host made a comment on President Bush and his reluctance to intervene in the Terry Schiavo case that left the SMT blogger and the Post’s Dan Froomkin wondering where he was finding his sources.

Stephanopoulos, who isn’t known (as far as we know) as an avid blog reader, evidently does tip his toe into the blog water–came across the questions, and emailed the author with his answer and sources. His willingness to tackle the tough questions posed by the Pajamahudeen earned him a puff paragraph from SMT, who spoke for ten minutes on the phone with ABC’s All Too Human host:

“That’s good reporting,” Stephanopoulos noted about his coverage. It is. Especially, as no other Sunday morning show picked it up, so you have to give credit where it’s due. Stephanopoulos has earned his stripes over the past few years as a journalist and is often the most well-researched, current and toughest of the Sunday morning bunch.

Just imagine how warm relations could be between journalists and bloggers if they were all as charming and well-sourced as Stephanopoulos.