Stella McCartney Stellar McCard-y


We’ve had fun with this before, both here and in our own little personal lives, so let’s have at it and go another round. Do you like seemingly pointless promos that involve celebrities? Do you like it when you then get to read the PR muck wherein said celebrity says how excited they are to be involved or some other form dribble? And would you like it, because you’re here at UnBeige, for it to have something, however vaguely, to do with design? If so, then you’ll appreciate this short story that popped up on our radar today:

Designer Stella McCartney has just turned her talents to a bank card. She developed a swirling blue pattern for Coutts & Co. Her aim was to combine the “intricacies” of a banknote with aspects of the British countryside, said the bank. Stella McCartney said: “It was refreshing to be asked to design something I’d never done before.”

“It’s about time you get to spend your hard-earned money with an account card that looks good.” It will be offered to new and existing customers of Coutts, the international private banking arm of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.