Stefan Sagmeister and Droog’s Amsterdam Project Removed by Concerned Police Officers


You might remember when we posted a few days back about Stefan Sagmeister and Droog looking for participants in Amsterdam to help out with a top secret project. It turned out to be a massive installation for Scott Burnham‘s Urban Play wherein 300,000 Dutch coins were used to create an intricate image, taking 150 volunteers over three days to complete. Unfortunately, the cautious police were worried about that much money just sitting there, waiting to be stolen, so they went out there with a few brooms and cleaned the whole thing up, confiscating the artwork before thieves could make way with oodles of pocket change, all of which surprised everyone involved in the piece’s construction. A personal account of the unfortunately discovery can be found over on Burnham’s site (found by way of our friends at Core77). Though, then again, they knew this was coming, one way or the other, they’re just surprised by the “bizarre instance of police efficiency.”