Stefan Bucher Brings His A-Game


We were formally introduced to Stefan Bucher when he wrote this essay “Book Design: An Addiction,” and we’ve spent enough time with him since to learn that he’s not only an excellent writer (even his emails are composed in verse), but an all-around nice guy, too. The designer/illustrator (yep, he’s a slashie) also found time to write All Access: The Making of Thirty Extraordinary Graphic Designers, which we love because it’s the “Behind the Music” of design.

Now we know he’s also a fabulous interview. In this clip called “Meet a Designer” Bucher talks about the pain of ambiguous briefs, what it’s like to go it alone, and the scientific study of Donald Duck comics. It’s inspirational for fledging creatives, educational for agency folk, and entertaining for anyone who likes to watch designers being real people (we do).

Bucher’s interviewed by Russell Davies, an account planner for Nike UK. We’re guessing Davies has a pretty good sense of humor about his job since the blog is named “We’re as disappointed as you are–thoughts of a planner.” Davies and Bucher knew each other from Wieden + Kennedy, where Bucher worked as a wee tiny lad. Now he works at 344 Design.