Steady Progress From Smaller Developers on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

Although the leader of this week’s AppData list of the fastest-gaining games on Facebook by monthly active users is by a top five developer, Playdom, most of the remaining titles are from smaller companies.

Here’s the full top 20:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. App_2_114335335255741_9738 City of Wonder 5,168,037 +2,561,154 +98%
2. Original Millionaire City 6,504,892 +644,030 +11%
3. Original Texas HoldEm Poker 33,119,003 +618,547 +2%
4. Original Kingdoms of Camelot 5,682,636 +404,269 +8%
5. Original Tattoo City 2,612,159 +355,384 +16%
6. Original Nightclub City 7,958,877 +346,242 +5%
7. App_2_122353571139137_4163 The Price Is Right Game 778,940 +312,101 +67%
8. Original MMA Pro Fighter 1,856,988 +301,013 +19%
9. Original Monster World 3,229,146 +294,488 +10%
10. Original Games 6,501,445 +228,719 +4%
11. Original Lucky Train 971,569 +200,874 +26%
12. App_2_256799621935_1837 Car Town 3,859,818 +195,758 +5%
13. Original Mall World 4,719,576 +166,071 +4%
14. Original Okey 3,405,130 +155,708 +5%
15. Original Backyard Monsters 1,300,307 +152,972 +13%
16. Original 開心魚塘 969,108 +135,955 +16%
17. Original Gift Creator 2,727,487 +127,591 +5%
18. App_2_144320435592910_7250 Critter Island 133,459 +125,184 +1,513%
19. Original Free Flash Games 708,738 +118,962 +20%
20. Original Profile Song 3,203,509 +118,139 +4%

City of Wonder is the performing title from Playdom, coming in with 2.4 million new MAU, four times more than the next-closest entry. The new city-building game is the spiritual successor to the older Social City, which is quickly declining — City of Wonder will be the larger title within a few days, at its current rate of growth.

Aside from Texas HoldEm Poker, there aren’t any other games from the big-name developers on the list.

Three games near the top of the list are worth notice for their slow-burn growth. Millionaire City, Kingdoms of Camelot and Nightclub City have all been out for months, but keep adding players nonetheless. It must also be noted that the three developers involved — Digital Chocolate, Kabam and Booyah — are all midsized companies with ambitions to break into the big leagues, so they may be spending significantly on ads.

Tattoo City, at number five, is from WonderHill, a developer that hasn’t previously seen anything near the level of success on Facebook that the new game is bringing. It’s a pretty interesting title, combining the popular store management concept with some guided content generation (the tattoos). Tattoo City does have some problems with engagement, though, with only around five percent of its 2.6 million MAU coming back on a daily basis.

The Price Is Right Game is the smallest title within the top 10, having been released in August by Ludia. Its fast growth is no real surprise, given how many of us likely grew up watching Bob Barker during his 35-year stint as the game show’s host.