Staying Out of The Woods So I Can See The Trees.

Wow, the past few post I have written have generated some amazing traffic. People have been reading my post and talking amongst themselves. Nothing makes me feel better than knowing I have started a discussion to help people think about social media.

Recently a blog post I wrote about twitter sparked a discussion on The District of Corruption, an audio blog hosted by Geoff Livingston and Aaron Brazell that I love, about the tone that The Social Times writes in.

To be honest Geoff and Aaron were spot on when they said that I write with a certain level of indifference and I think I do it for the good of all who read this blog. I have been a PR professional for a few years now, and before that I was a sailor in the Untied States Navy.

If anything those two professions have taught me one thing, playing the devils advocate is a good thing. Having a moment of pause can mean the difference between failure and utter successes. I try to be as objective as possible to allow others to think before they leap.

While in the Navy I found that everyone quickly jumped on board to a good idea. One person has a spark and everyone falls inline. I was successful in the military, very successful, by offering my shipmates a second opinion; a chance to think before they swam. I was never objective to be out of line and I think my thoughts were appreciated.

While working in PR I have found that everyone thinks their idea or business venture is the greatest thing in the world. As a communications specialist I remind them to take a moment before they commit to anything, I offer an objective opinion.

For the last few months that is what I have done with this blog. Many of you have meet me in person at social events and as a professionals. I absolutely love the technology scene is Washington, DC and social media in general. I offer my opinions as an alternate opinion.

Too often I see professionals jumping the bandwagon because it is easy. I offer my opinions as a chance to see your world from the outside. Ask me about your business model, ask me about the great tool you have created; I will provide you with something you will not find anywhere else… The cold honest truth.

My opinion is here to help create a community and is as valuable as all of the yes men out there. We all serve our purpose and all are equally important. If everyone in the room says yes I feel it is my duty to offer a simple and concise no, just to get everyone talking.

I could be wrong, but I think offering an outside opinion is one of the most valuable services I can provide. I could be wrong, do any of you out there think I am being overly critical of social media?

I think this is a very exciting time for DC, the convergence of technology and people gives us a chance to not only cover but shape the future of media, social technology, and what services we might be using 5 years from now.