States Sue R.J. Reynolds Over Rolling Stone Ads


Who said Rolling Stone magazine was irrelevant? Today eight states — including New York — are filing suit against the second-largest tobacco company involving a controversial eight page spread in Rolling Stone. The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company ad in the November 15 issue of the magazine, involves cartoons, which are considered a bete noir to anti-smoking activists who claim that they attract children. From The AP:

”’Their latest nine-page advertising spread in Rolling Stone, filled with cartoons, flies in the face of their pledge to halt all tobacco marketing to children,’ Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Tom Corbett said in a statement released Tuesday.

”Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, New York, Ohio and Washington state are filing lawsuits Tuesday, Corbett’s office said. Attorneys general offices in two other states, Maryland and Connecticut, also said they were taking part.”

Last Tuesday a spokesperson for R. J. Reynolds told The Winston-Salem Journal that they would not run any advertising in 2008 in newspapers and consumer magazines.

(image via spotdj)