State Dinner Tweeting: Tacky or Groundbreaking?

At tonight’s State Dinner at the White House, to tweet or not to tweet? Avid tweeter Sen. Claire McCaskill contemplated that very question in the Twitterverse today.

Slate’s John Dickerson and ABC’s Jake Tapper weighed in:

@jdickerson: @clairecmc Tacky to Tweet during diner conversation but some insight/observation that offers a window into the event would be lovely.

@jaketapper: @clairecmc i disagree. i think a State Dinner tweet would be ground-breaking and a quite polite shout-out to the twitterverse

The Senator’s nearly 35,000 followers may be disappointed tonight. She tweets:

@clairemc: ok…definitely tacky. But I will report in after dinner. love you Mom.

(h/t The Hill)