Starz Unveils New Logo, Ad Campaign

0331starz.jpgRight now, Barry Diller is celebrating the Friday court ruling that gave him the ability to breakup internet giant IAC over John Malone‘s objections.

But there’s some good news for Malone. One of his properties, cable network Starz Entertainment, is embarking on a $25 million rebranding project.

The cable network just unveiled a new logo (shown above) and they are also launching a new ad campaign entitled “Are You Ready?”

According to SVP marketing Nancy McGee:

“The new brand campaign is the culmination of an evolving process for Starz […] Clearly we are not the company we were 18 months ago. We’ve invested in new and exciting ways to entertain and engage our audiences,from the production of our new original series to first-run theatrical movies from Overture Films. We are the ultimate source for a commercial-free premium movie experience. This long-term brand investment was a natural next step and signifies our strong commitment to deliver the best entertainment experiences for our customers.”

The “not the company we were 18 months ago” crack, however, surprised FishbowlNY. Did the cable network really want to kick off their new marketing initative with a press quote that alluded to the company’s public image as an, err, underdog?

Starz’s new logo was designed by Darwin in partnership with Design & Image Communications.