Startling Revelations About the Ad/Design World


People in advertising are just crazy! Oh, it’s so true! Ha Ha Ha! Apologies for the sarcasm there, but I was just playing around with this game, “Work the Room,” has put together for their annual awards show. It is a good time, funny, and well thought out, but geez, seeing this whimsical jab at its own industry it’s sort of like that glut of films that the movie industry puts out, about how nutty everyone is in Hollywood and how, watch out!, apparently people in that world aren’t what they seem and will stop at nothing to reach the top! Call it a supreme heap of red hot ego all swirling about, or the lack thereof, and you’ve pretty much got both industries who love to act that way, then mock themselves about it. Silly, really. You don’t see carpenters doing that. Or doctors. But hey, at least the whole lot of us in the industry just keep this all to ourselves and we don’t inflict the general public with things like…award shows. Hmm….um….Ain’t clients crazy?! Wow!