Starbucks Rolls Out Latest (Final?) Redesigned Test Shop

In the latest chapter of Starbucks reinvention of itself through new designs, which began last year with the announcement of new “greening” plans and redesigned test shops springing up internationally, the company has reopened its Olive Way shop in its native Seattle, redesigned, green as can be, and now even serving wine and beer. While still just another test store while the company figures out what direction to go in now that it’s become perhaps too large and too ubiquitous, according to what’s said in the first look at the new store the company gave exclusively to USA Today, it sounds as if this might be the decided-upon model going forward, at least assuming it receives high marks from customers now that it opened for business earlier this week. Here’s a bit from the company’s rundown on the new look:

  • Columns and floor were preserved from the existing building.
  • Coffee bag tapestry on the wall was created using repurposed burlap coffee bags from the Starbucks Roasting Plant in Kent, Washington.
  • Live-edge wood at the coffee bar was made from urban salvaged wood.
  • Wood for the case-worked panels was made from reclaimed wood flooring.
  • Structure of the main serving bar incorporates reclaimed and recycled materials.
  • Community table was made from flooring from Garfield High School.
  • Community board was made from reused panels from old espresso machines.
  • Some of the chairs originally came from the University of Washington campus.