Starbucks Back To Being Useful Just For Orange Mocha Frappuccinos

1450 outdoor toilet.jpg

It is a general culturescape truth that Manhattan is lacking in public bathrooms. Anecdotally, (but certainly not apocryphally) we can count on both our hands the number of times we visited NYC only to be told by our wise parents not to think we could hold it until the next sanctioned museum visit. We thought they were just being obnoxious and we were obviously old enough to be able to control our own, um, needs. Cut to far too many visits to Starbucks, the city’s only foolproof public toilet system. Until sometime in the future, when a Spanish company will blanket (okay, sprinkle, we’re sorry but it was right there) the city in public toilets and sell the ensuing advertising space. This morning’s Gray Lady (we were momentarily distracted by the orchids but we’re back to the news) informed us in a front page story that Cemusa would be installing 20 toilets. The news behind the news, according to our sidekick, is that JCDecaux, “which tested public toilets in the city in 1992,” was not chosen, and they do seem hella pissed although they PR it into “surprised and disappointed.”

Nicholas Grimshaw will be designing, but how they will look or where they will be installed remains an enormous secret. For now we’re just looking forward to the continuing and certainly euphemistic coverage.