St. Louis Agency Partner Launches Crowdfunding Site

A rising tide lifts all boats. If the tide is capital, and the boats are businesses, you want a steady rise and many boats of all shapes and sizes in your city. Good water for boating means more work for consultancies, eventually.

For Brian Cross, managing partner of new-ish marketing firm Elasticity, it made sense to build something to attract the tide. Cross founded Fund St. Louis, a crowdfunding site along the lines of Kickstarter, to address gaps he saw between the city’s economic development efforts, and the tech-focused angel investing groups.

Fund St. Louis is designed to raise a named, all-or-nothing amount for business projects in any sector as long as they’re in the city.  Once the kitty is full, the money changes hands.

Elasticity prides itself building things before selling them, in a laboratory effort to test and learn.  In addition to their Bacon Institute, and American Mustache Institute, the firm also employs a giant, Social Media Panda.

Open funding opportunities on the site include Cafe Revenue, eDeli, and cards2lists, a service that converts that giant stack of business cards on your desk in to a usable database.  We all need that.

[via St. Louis Dispatch]