@SRWHOfficial Prompts Unofficial Journo Reaction


With controversy swirling around political journalists using the source, “senior White House official,” the Chicago Tribune‘s Mike Memoli, who writes for “The Swamp” blog, alerted us to the following:

“This account has potential: @SrWHOfficial,” Memoil tweeted late last week.

The jury is still out on whether this really is a senior White House official. The “official” recently tweeted: “It’s weird as a Sr. White House Official. You tell people what’s on your mind and they get pissed at you.”

This past weekend, the “senior White House official” remarked: “One of the toughest things about being a senior White House official is listening to George Will drone on endlessly,” the supposed official said referring to the conservative WaPo columnist.

Politico‘s Ben Smith (who has some experience using the phrase “senior White House official”) doubts the tweeter’s authenticity. “I assume it’s parody,” Smith said in an e-mail.