Sqor Launches Sports News Feed App on Android

sqor 650After releasing on iOS in 2013, sports app Sqor has come to Google Play, giving Android users a new way to follow their favorite college-level or professional athletes and teams in one place. The app allows users to follow individual athletes or complete teams, with a specific focus on “the relationship between the athlete and the fan.” Sqor tracks not only news articles about athletes and teams, but also shows updates from their social media accounts in a user’s personalized news feed.

Sqor - Android Apps on Google PlaySqor users can follow as many teams or athletes as they’d like, as well as an overall Sqor account that posts updates about a variety of sports and athletes. Each item can be liked, commented on or shared to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Fans can post their own content to the platform, like pictures of athletes from games they’ve attended themselves. The app’s social features include the ability to follow other Sqor users and see the items they’re following.

Also available on the web, Sqor is celebrating a new milestone, hitting one million pageviews year-to-date. The company has also introduced a new feature to web users, that will soon come to mobile: Showdowns. Starting with football, these Showdowns allow users to pick teams and predict the victors in upcoming games. If they’re right, they’ll receive virtual badges and trophies, and users can challenge their friends to get in on the fun.

Starting in September, Sqor’s Showdown participants will be entered to win gift cards and signed memorabilia from athletes like Brett Favre. Eventually, Showdowns will be released for additional organizations, including the NBA and MLB, as well as for MMA.

“We are very excited to be launching via Google Play and bringing Sqor content to Android devices. As one of the leading application ecosystems, we know the importance of being compatible to Android products. We highly appreciate the support that Google Play offers to app producers, and we believe that Android users who are interested in sports, interactive football showdowns, athlete contests and giveaways, and real-time access to the athletes, will love what we’ve created,” said Brian Wilhite, CEO and founder of Sqor.

Sqor is available to download for free on Google Play. The app is also available for free on iTunes. For another option, sports fans can try the recently updated Beyond the Box, which offers a similar personalized news feed mechanic.

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