Sprint Says People Not Using Travel Apps; I Don’t Think They Surveyed iPhone Users

Company sponsored surveys are funny things. They tend to provide evidence for what they want in many cases. And, I wonder if this is one example…

Sprint Survey Shows That Many Are Not Aware of Budget-wise Travel Applications on Their Wireless Device

Sprint summarizes the study in the first paragraph by stating: the majority of those vacationers are not using helpful travel applications because of budget concerns. They use this is as a hammer to say that Sprint customers can save $1200 per year compared to iPhone customers. At first this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the press release’s title.

However, Sprint goes on to say: More than half of vacationers (56 percent) do not use available travel-related features on their wireless phones because of cost concerns. Sixty-one percent of these women and 65 percent of these young adults (ages 18-34) believe that the fee to run travel-related applications on their wireless phones is a deterrent to using them.

Here’s the thing though: Despite our touch economic situation a lot of people still went out to buy the iPhone 3GS recently. And, a lot of people are still buying a lot of iPhone applications. I don’t think Sprint’s survey asked any iPhone users to complete their survey.