Sprint, NCM Ask Users to ‘R8’ Films in Triple Ad Play

As part of Sprint’s marketing for the new Palm Pre, on July 3 the company launched an interactive polling promotion called “r8 it” with National CineMedia. Running through September 10, the campaign asks moviegoers to rate movies for a chance to win free tickets for a year.

Sprint is the first advertiser to take advantage of NCM’s triple play of online, mobile and on-screen media. As part of the campaign, Sprint ads are prominently featured on the big and small screens, on NCM.com and on NCM’s network-affiliate Web sites.

Prior to a screening, moviegoers are invited to “r8 it” in on-screen spots in NCM’s First Look prefeature program, on screens in lobbies and in box-office handouts. After the show, audiences can text in the name of the movie they just viewed in order to receive a question back to rate something they saw in the movie. Results of the polls will be posted on NCM’s site ncm.com/r8it, and on a new “r8 it” app.

NCM said it has two other advertisers on board besides Sprint but declined to name them.

“We worked hard to get advertisers to embrace cinema. Now we can offer an integrated opportunity with a simple approach,” said Jeffrey Mahl, senior vp of online and mobile advertising for NCM.