Sprint Launches One Click Mobile Media Interface


During CTIA this week, Sprint announced One Click, the carrier’s new software design that hopes to give subscribers easy access to mobile media, entertainment, and other content via a customizable, carousel-style interface, FierceMobileContent reports.

According to Sprint, “One Click allows users to personalize their device home screen by selecting and organizing features spanning from Google search to Sprint Navigation to mobile music—consumers may also add shortcuts to their favorite websites.”

The backstory: many of today’s cell phones have complex interfaces, and it’s not always because of the handset vendors. Many carriers override the manufacturers’ software, replacing it with their own cumbersome, confusing interfaces that highlight key revenue streams for the carriers, instead of what customers may actually want to do with their phones. The hope here is that Sprint will simplify mobile media access while still giving access to the carrier’s robust set of Power Vision-based entertainment services.

The report said Sprint plans to launch One Click on several of the carrier’s upcoming phones, including the LG Lotus (pictured), Samsung Highnote and Samsung Rant, all of which will go on sale in October 2008.