Sprinkle Bets on Wet as the Next Big Thing in Physics-Based Puzzle Games

The debut effort from Swedish developer Mediocre Games aims to bring fans of puzzle titles some liquid refreshment. Sprinkle, out Thursday for $0.99 as a universal app, is aimed at a wide audience and features non-violent gameplay as its creator says violence is “not a necessary component of fun.”

The main gameplay component of Sprinkle is extinguishing fires using a firetruck and the torrents of water it’s capable of unleashing. Sprinkle takes place on Saturn’s moon, Titan, where the inhabitants are being bombarded by meteorites — chunks from Saturn’s rings — that are setting their countryside and villages ablaze. To combat the flames, players control the telescoping boom of a stationary firetruck, raising and lowering it while rotating its nozzle, releasing the limited amount of water it’s carrying in hopes of putting the fires out. More meteors fall over time and the fire will spread if not extinguished.

The game’s levels are filled with tricky nooks and pathways that players need to direct water into in order to douse the flames. For an added challenge, players need to move objects made of wood, stone and ice into position using the force of the water, creating new paths for the fire extinguishing H2O to flow through. Blasts of water can also be used to activate switches and solve other physics-based puzzles in order to complete levels. Depending on the amount of water and time spent by the player on each level, they’re awarded one to three droplets, which represent player skill level. These accumulate towards unlocking more levels.

For players who burn (or extinguish) their way through all of the included levels, Mediocre Games has created an additional 10 that are available as a $0.99 in-app purchase.

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