Springing Into Summer Already

current_cover.jpg It’s hard to believe that on the first day of May that summer is on its way. Soon the heat will be bearing down like you wouldn’t believe, and you won’t be able to shed your layers and slap on the fake tanner fast enough. Which brings this writer to the next topic. What hobbies do you explore during the summer? Is jewelry-making wise at the beach? Knitting a wool blanket smart to do at a family picnic? We’re thinking there’s a happy medium somewhere. We personally like the notion of knitting something lightweight in a cotton fiber. So we were naturally thrilled when the Summer edition of Interweave Knits came across our way while at a local knitting shop the other day. Of course, we had to check out Interweave’s Knitting Daily blog, headed up by Sandi Wisehart, to see how what’s inside the magazine’s glossy page actually fits real people (in other words, not paid models.) It’s fascinating to see how apparel fits different human beings in this case, actual Interweave employees in a range of sizes. For example, the drawstring raglan by Margery Winter, looks great on this staffer, but not so great on Sandi. This particular garment with its lacy edging actually fit Bertha the dress form, best.