Spotting Celebrity Dog Walkers at ICFF


Part of the whole fun of the ICFF/Design Week hoopla isn’t so much the stuff you see (you’re probably not finding yourself saying, “Ooh, look, a couch!” after about the first ten minutes), but it’s the people you run into. Our pal Michael Surtees over at DesignNotes has just put up one such story, a really terrific run in with a real-live celebrity. Here’s a bit from his site:

As I was walking sideways with my camera trying to make a long stitched shot of the wall, I heard the familiar question that a lot weimaraner owners get – “can I pet your dog?” He seemed polite enough and usually I can tell by the tone if they’re an owner of a dog or not. If they have a dog they’re usually more relaxed b/c they know what it’s like to have someone come up to their dog, where as someone that doesn’t have a dog is much more quick to throw their hands out and ask almost as an after thought. So I gathered he must have some experience with dogs. As we started talking he found out that we’re both from Canada, Maddie’s age and a couple other small chat things. As the conversation went back and fourth I found out that he had three dogs which also happened to be weimaraners. Until that point I didn’t realize who he was, but it is extremely unusual for anyone in NYC to have three weims. He then told me their ages (three, five and eight), and then as an introduction said “I’m William Wegman.”

Surtees also has some other great coverage, including a trip to that big Blogger party blowout, so head on over immediately, if you haven’t already. Hello? Oh. Guess you already left.