Spotify Announces Global Partnership with Coca-Cola

Spotify announced a global partnership with Coca-Cola that leverages the beverage company’s scale and reach to expand the digital music service to new markets. “I can’t think of any brand that has the same amount of ubiquity in the world as Coke,” said Spotify founder Daniel Ek.

Emmanuel Seuge, head of global sports and entertainment marketing at Coca-Cola, explained that the deal was more of a strategic partnership than an advertising package. “The way we engage consumers needs to go beyond our logo,” he said. “If we want to cut the clutter and engage with the fans, we need to bring them value. I’m not sure we would be standing here just to talk about an advertising deal.”

“A young tech company partnering with a 125-year-old company isn’t something you’d normally see,” said Ek, “but we found that Coca Cola understood what Spotify was about, and embraced the whole idea we have about sharing across the world.”

Coca-Cola’s 41.3 million Facebook fans will see a Spotify app on its page in time for the 2012 Olympic games, continuing the beverage company’s tradition of incorporating music into its advertising campaigns.

Ek also promised “a version of the Facebook app that lives in Spotify,” but he assured the crowd that any branded content on the music site would “not be invasive to consumers.”

When an audience member asked if Spotify was coming to the iPad, Ek said the app was “in the works,” but couldn’t say when it would launch.


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